La Leche League of Hebron: Call for meeting time and location. Kelly 881-5655.

La Leche League of South Windsor: Our Savior Lutheran Church, 239 Graham Rd., S. Windsor. 3rd Mondays, 7:30PM. All women who are breastfeeding or considering it are invited to attend. Babies welcome. Kathy: 644-4191 or Carol: 644-4109, or Kelly: 683-1903.
Breastfeeding Cafe: Family Wellness Center, 635 Main St., Middletown. 10AM-Noon. All pregnant or nursing mothers are invited to attend this Bagel Breakfast while getting answers to any questions that you may have, evaluate any difficulties you are experiencing and offer recommendations. RR. 347-6971 x3662
La Leche League of West Hartford: Jewish Community Center, Rte. 189, West Hartford. 1st Tuesdays, 10AM. Bonnie: 658-2946, or Kathy: 521-7967, Ann 693-6216
La Leche League in Middletown: Family Wellness Center, 635 Main St., Middletown. 4th Tuesdays, 10AM-Noon. For pregnant women interested in breastfeeding and for women who are currently nursing infants, toddlers, or tandem nursing. 347-6971 x3662.
Nurse and Nurture: Family Wellness Center, 635 Main St., Middletown. 10AM-Noon. A playgroup for pregnant women interested in nursing, mothers who are currently nursing or who have recently weaned children. We meet informally while the children play to offer each other support, experience, information and skills relating to breastfeeding and nurturing infants and toddlers. 347-6971 x3662
La Leche League of Willimantic River Valley: Buchanan Auditorium, MansfieldPublic Library, 54 Warrenville Rd. (Rte. 89), Mansfield. 2nd Wednesdays, 6:30PM. Open to pregnant women and mothers for breastfeeding information, support, and parenting ideas. Lending library. Babies welcome. Call Becky 423-5090 or Kristen: 228-5015.
Mom’s Milk Group—Breastfeeding Support Group: New Britain General, 100 Grand Street, New Britain., 10-11AM. An informal walk-in support group for nursing moms. 224-5226
La Leche League of Coventry and Ellington: Prince of Peach Church, 10 North River Road, Coventry. 2nd Wednesdays, 6:30PM. Carrie 498-0169 or Megan 498-1888.
La Leche League of Woodstock: Woodstock Town Hall, Woodstock. 2nd Thursdays, 10AM. Mother-to-mother information and support for all women interested in breastfeeding. Children welcome. Susan: 974-1705.
La Leche League of Windsor: 4th Thursdays, 10AM. Interested moms should call or email Kelly: 219-9638, [email protected]